Prospective Undergraduate Students

Aerial view of Storke Plaza, with Art, Design & Architecture Museum at right (photo © Tony Mastres)Is the study of the History of Art & Architecture right for you?

A prospective student in History of Art & Architecture should have an interest in and appreciation for art objects, visual and material culture, and the human-made environment. Training in the history of art and architecture will help you understand why and how objects of art, images, and buildings are produced. You will learn about the great artists and architects of the past and of the contemporary world, and come to appreciate what is meaningful or beautiful in the realm of human-made things. We will train you to think critically about images, a skill essential in our image-infused world, and prepare you to analyze buildings, cities and environments across a wide range of contexts to understand how art and architecture shape histories, cultures, politics, and our everyday lives. The study of history, literature, religion, philosophy, classics, archaeology, environmental studies, anthropology, drama, and music can all serve as a suitable background and should be an incentive to students who feel the need for a certain breadth in their education.

For more information about undergraduate studies in History of Art & Architecture at UC Santa Barbara, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, link opens in the default email client. We invite you to make an appointment to visit our campus in person. For information on undergraduate admissions, costs, and funding opportunities, visit UCSB Admissions Link opens in a new window.

What about jobs and opportunities?

A degree in History of Art & Architecture provides one with a strong and flexible liberal arts education, leading either directly or with proper specialization to jobs in museums and galleries, and art restoration and conservation. For those students who pursue graduate training in History of Art & Architecture, teaching and research assistantships are frequently available in their department. An academic career in History of Art & Architecture (teaching at colleges and universities) or curatorial/educational work in museums almost always requires graduate work. Both M.A. and Ph.D. programs are offered at UC Santa Barbara. Check out our links in the Career Information section.