Current Undergraduate Majors/Minors

The Department of History of Art & Architecture offers a Major and a Minor in the History of Art & Architecture. Our internationally distinguished faculty offer courses in European, American, Asian, and African art as well as the history of architecture, urbanism, visual culture, globalization, empire, and theory. The department offers an Undergraduate Emphasis in Architecture & Environment and an Undergraduate Emphasis in Museum Studies, as well as a rewarding Department Honors Program that results in a "Distinction in History of Art and Architecture" being noted on the graduating transcript.

In addition to coursework, undergraduate students in History of Art & Architecture are encouraged to seek internships in the Santa Barbara area and participate in the Education Abroad Program. The Faculty Undergraduate Advisor, the department's Undergraduate Advisor, and individual members of the department’s faculty, are pleased to offer academic guidance to all majors and interested students.

Students in our program can also sign up for weekly departmental emails sent to undergrads to keep current with information about internships, classes, and other relevant opportunities. Contact the Undergraduate Advisor, link opens in the default email client, to join this mailing.

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